• BurgerFi – VegeFi & Beyond Burgers Review
  • BurgerFi – VegeFi & Beyond Burgers Review

    In honor of Earth day approaching, I stopped by my local BurgerFi in Delray Beach, FL  to try their VegeFi and Beyond burgers and let me tell you- they did not disappoint.

    I always try to incorporate plant-based meals to my diet whenever I can, so I was very excited to try these burgers. The first burger I tried was the VegeFi Burger. It features a  crispy quinoa + pure-cut veggie burger, topped with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, BurgerFi sauce on a Multigrain Bun or Green Style.

    The second burger was The Beyond Burger, made with 100% plant-based a plant-based burger with 20 grams of protein that looks like traditional beef, featuring a single Beyond Meat patty, topped with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and American cheese  (Also available vegan-style with no cheese, mayo and vegan bun).

    Between both burgers, I have to say my favorite was the VegeFi burger. I loved how crispy, light but flavorful at the same time it was. The Beyond burger had a strong beef-like taste that I, personally wasn’t a fan of but that is only because I really enjoyed the VegeFi.

    I highly recommend either of these if you are looking for a good vegan, plant-based friendly burger.

    Very busy handling business 🙂

    Both burgers to be offered for $5 all day long on Earth Day. Also, visit your local BurgerFi on Earth Day and receive with any purchase made a free “plantable burger” coaster where you can plant at home to grow your own lettuce and tomato.

    Learn more about BurgerFi’s burgers and find one near you!

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