• Introducing: Camila Rain
  • Introducing: Camila Rain

    I am so excited to finally share pictures of my baby girl, Camila Rain! I know I really didn’t share much of my pregnancy online but that is only because I wanted to take time to really enjoy the journey and take care of myself and my baby.

    I am lucky enough to say that my pregnancy and delivery weren’t too bad. I’ll be sharing details and my experience on a different post.

    Between adjusting to being a new mom and taking care of a newborn I completely forgot to share her two-week old pictures! This is definitely a throwback post since my little princess is now 15 weeks old.

    My husband and I are extremely in love with her and also very, very tired. Being a new parent is NOT easy let me tell you! But its so worth it! Seeing her little smile makes everything better and somehow makes me forget how tired I am.

    Please enjoy these gorgeous newborn pictures taken https://www.jack-addie.com/


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