• Vegan, Gluten-Free Apple “Cookies”
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free Apple “Cookies”

    I’m always looking for healthy options to snack on, especially when I’m at work! Finding easy-to-make recipes is so important to me as I’m always on-the-run and really never have time to prepare elaborated meals. If this is also your case, them you need to try these vegan apple cookies recipe!

    I stumbled upon these apple cookies on Pinterest while looking for unhealthy apple cookie recipes and had to try them! They were so easy to make! I changed the recipe a little bit just to add some of my favorite toppings.

    Vegan Apple Cookies Recipe Michelle Beltre Image 1




    • Organic Apples Rings – You can either make yours or buy them already sliced and packaged.
    • Organic Peanut butter
    • Sliced Almonds
    • Vegan Granola
    • Raisins


    1. Spread peanut butter on one side of the apple ring
    2. Top with granola, sliced almonds and raisins
    3. Enjoy!


    Vegan Apple Cookies Recipe Michelle Beltre Image 2



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